A Sweet Deal



Many of my friends and family members have shown an interest in how much I spend on bills each month here in Thailand. So here it is. These are the expenses associated with my apartment for the month of August.

The first line is the base rent for my apartment per month. 2000 baht= $58.

The second line is my water. 50 baht = $1.50

The third line is my electricity. 488 baht = $14

The fourth line is my internet (a set rate for each month). 200 baht = $6

I’m not sure what the fifth line is, so it’s good that I’m not being charged for it.

The sixth line is trash (again, a set monthly rate). 20 baht = $0.60

All of that brings the total to 2758 baht, which is about $80. Yeah, it’s a pretty sweet deal. I should note here that I only used my air conditioning one day in August. In the month of April, when I had it on whenever I was home, my electricity was about 1800 baht ($52). Since June, it has cooled down enough that air conditioning isn’t necessary, especially since I’m usually not home during the hottest hours of the day. Add to this the 2400 baht ($70) that I spend on my motorbike each month, and perhaps $100-$150 for food each month, and my main monthly living expenses only add up to $250 or $300. Compared to the US cost of living, this is a steal. But you have to keep in mind that my paycheck is only 25,000 baht each month ($720). I’m constantly having to remind myself that converting the cost of things to USD in my head is helpful but not necessarily a good representation of how expensive something is when thinking of it in relation to a Thai salary. I’ve been fortunate enough to take on 9 hours of tutoring each week, which really helps with any extra costs that arise and have allowed me to live more than comfortably while still saving some money. Another important thing to note here is that I live outside the city and, as a result, the living costs are significantly lower. My friends who rent apartments in the city spend three or four times more than I do each month. All in all, I consider myself very fortunate for my living situation and really couldn’t have asked for better for myself.

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